Protecting the Environment

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We care about protecting the environment not only because we hold our activities outdoor but because we are proud of the Albanian spectacular and pristine nature and we wish to continue preserve it for future generations. This is how our leader Blerina Ago get started with adventure tourism in the early beginnings:


We believe that adventure tourism and environmental protection are not just complementary but they are one big force.  Adventure tourism promotes outdoor recreational activities with no impact on natural resources, admiring the beauty of unspoiled remote locations. Active Albania guides and visitors don't just love the outdoors for a day or a tour. Our work continues beyond the trip that you will experience, as we are involved in whistle-blowing, community awareness raising and scheduled cleaning days every week.

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Environmental Campaigns


Active Albania’s founders and contributer, with the tourism expert and leader Blerina Ago, have been actively engaged in the protection of the Osumi Canyons from the eminent threat of Hydro Power Plants.  But another natural water source is at risk: the Vjosa River, the last free-flowing river in Europe, located in the south of Albania, is under threat.

The HydroEmpower Plan
Save Vjosa, Europe’s last wild river

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