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Active Albania is an initiative that provides  sustainable solutions to bring transformations by promoting the best of a destination/company/ organization. It creates and scale youth, agriculture and tourism business portfolios that matter. To accomplish this it focuses on delivering key outcomes, building amazing teams and quickly adapting to new learnings.

It comes after a long engagement of the main team members in the tourism sector in Albania (2009) and their passionate involvement in sustainable economic development in the rural areas of Albania. Our team has successuly co founded and lead  in the last decade different sport and tourism organisations like Albanian Rafting Federation, Albania Rafting Group and the public private partnership Albanian Adventure Resort.

The core team has developed two campaigns promoting responsible tourism in Albania: Be Taken by Albania (2019) and Stay Safe Now and Meet Albanians Later (2020).

The purpose of AA is to generate income through commercial activities, which would help to enhance standards across all tourism activities and raise the profile of Albania as a green and active tourism destination. The benefits would include the development of new tourism products, the training of tourism staff, support for the incubation and growth of local tourism initiatives and job creation, with special focus on women and young people. AA has the license as a tour operator no. LN-7103-04-2019.

As below some references of our core team members during their commitment in tourism in Albania since 2009 in different tourism ans sport intitiatives:

References and Acknowledgements

We're situated in the heart of Tirana, the vibrant growing capital of Albania, with a passionate and ridiculously talented team found throughout Albania.

When we're not at our laptops, it's probably because we are up a mountain or running a river.

Core Team

Etmira Kanani
Lawyer and Environmental Activist
Blerina Ago
Founder and Tourism Expert
Entela Resuli
Head of Content
Doina Huso
Head of Delivery
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