• Nov 15, 19
  • Monica

Great video from What Doesn't Suck: "We had no idea what to expect in Albania, and to be totally honest, Anne planned this entire trip as a surprise and Jeff had zero idea where they were going until literally the moment they landed in Tirana. Hiking the amazing Peaks of the Balkans trails, the hiking in Albania is absolutely stunning and spoiled my over tourism of anykind.
We visited the amazing blue eye watering hole for a swim and hiked over 50km around Theth and across the ridge to Valbone - one of the most stunning hikes we have ever done.
We didn't know much about Albania before we landed in Tirana, but we'll never forget it now - one of our most adventurous and surprising weekend adventures yet!
Albania may have a sordid past, but it will be one of the most popular hiking and adventure travel destinations in the coming years, we promise, so go now before it gets too busy!
While you may only know Albania for their stunning beaches in the south or as the bad guys in many movies, it is so, so much more and somewhere to be added to your bucket list immediately!
Enjoy beautiful Albania like we did!"