• May 16, 20
  • Monica

This Friday, in the virtual tourism show "Blerina Travels in Quarantine" by Blerina Ago it was invited the journalist, writer and host of the show Opinion Blendi Fevziu.

Blendi Fevziu, already a world traveler, has visited over 114 countries. Georgia was the last country he traveled to, before the country went into isolation.

In the video below, Blendi tells about his travel style, his favorite places, how he chooses a destination, what Albanian tourism lacks and how Albania is compared to other European countries.

Video: https://youtu.be/zLTW-1ZaVJI

The well-known journalist and writer also shares tips for young people who want to invest in tourism. Blendi Fevziu gives an important message to the Albanian society in relation to the treatment of women and entrepreneurial girls.

You can watch the video series of "Blerina Travels in Karantina" every Wednesday and Friday at 21:00 by following the social media of Active Albania