Kayaking National Parks and summit the holy Mountain of Tomor

National Park of Tomor has been recognized as an Important Plant Area of international importance by Plantlife. It is probably the best known mountain in Albania. It has religious significance and holds the place were Gods rest “Dodona”. Every august more than 500 000 of both Christians and Bektashis pilgrimage it to feel the energy and the spirituality of this heavenly mountain. (2 days off work)
February - November

Tirana International Airport Mother Teresa, Tirana (TIA)

Travel to a part of Europe still untouched by mass tourism. Visit an ancient fortified city, Summit hike to Tomor, the most energic and spiritual mountain of the whole region and explore of the Karavasta lagoon.

Your hassle-free adventure includes:

  • Experienced, English speaking guide
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • 2 Breakfasts, 4 lunches and 2 dinners
  • Local transportation
  • Airport transfers
  • Kayak equipment

Perfect for: Active travellers who want to experience a range of different outdoor activities in one of Europe’s best-kept secrets.


Need To Know

The only extra costs are:

  • Flights to and from Tirana
  • Any personal expenses such as drinks
  • Clothing suitable for hiking

Albanian food is hearty and healthy, usually based around meat and vegetables much of which is seasonal and sourced locally. Popular dishes include turkey, lamb or goat Pershesh, served with a local bread known as Kulac, a meat and leek pie made with thin pastry called Byrek and freshly caught fish served in a Mediterranean style. Fish dishes are often flavored with white vinegar and olive oil grown in Southern Albania and many dishes are served with wine from one the local vineyards.

The best months for hiking and adventure activities in Albania are February to June and September to November when the weather is warm and sunny, reaching temperatures of around 30 degrees. July and August can be hotter, however this is usually broken up by cool coastal breezes.

Active Albania provides:                             

  • Kayaking equipment
  • Professional Guide

No previous experience is needed, however a moderate level of fitness is required along with the ability to swim.

Yes! When booking this trip as a private trip, children from the age of 5 can join this adventure.

You’ll need to arrive into Tirana before lunchtime on day one, or the night before. On day three you can depart at any time.

We’ve teamed up with the guys at Eurosig to offer insurance designed for adventurous travellers across the country that includes medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities.

Besides offering the perfect insurance for our kind of adventures, Eurosig are also helping our community development projects. 


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The Republic of Albania is a mountainous and green country that’s only now appearing on many travellers radar thanks some of the best and least developed beaches on the Mediterranean. Destinations on this trip include the countries capital, Tirana, home to a thriving café culture, the Karaburun peninsula, at the heart of the Karaburun-Sazan National Marine Park, the UNESCO world heritage site of Berat, The Osumi gorge Monument of Nature, whose unique ecosystem keeps it green all year round, the Tomorr National Park and the lovely lagoon of Karavasta, known for its biodiversity and european importance.

Start point? 
Your guide will collect you from Tirana International Airport on day one. You can book any flight arriving before 12:00.

Finish point?
At the end of your trip you will be returned to Tirana International Airport. You’re free to book any flight you like on the last day.


What to Expect

Day I - Kayaking the Divjaka Karavasta National Park
Arrival to the airport of Tirana and meeting with the local guide. Driving to Berat UNESCO sites city. On the way we offer a great opportunity to have a closer look at the amazing beauty of Divjake-Karavasta Park.  Visit this natural oasis of untouched nature and of stunning biodiversity, the biggest lagoon in Albania. With a surface of 22 230 ha, the park is home to the rare Dalmatian pelican and so many beautiful birds. A birdwatchers heaven and a perfect place to relax and have a quiet time in the beautiful surroundings of the park.

General Trip Information

Level of difficulty (1-5) 2

Not previous paddling skill required.

Arrival to the western part of the Lagoon (about 30 min) and preparation to start the kayaking adventure.

2-2,5 hours paddling and swimming into the lagoon and sightseeing the Mediterranean Pine Forest near the    Karavasta lagoon, and it contains one of the most interesting faunas of the country.  Bird Watching. Divjakë-Karavasta area provides the special conditions for accommodation of a number of plant communities and animal species, among which many of them are at risk of extinction in the world such as Pelican (Pelicanus crispus Bruch). 

After the kayaking we jump to the car and go to taste e delicious local lunch (fish food based but also meet upon   request). After lunch we go for 1 hour walking to the first observation point of the Lagoon and later we jump to the watchtower to have a sightseeing of the whole Lagoon.

Departure to Berat and accommodation in a typicall Bujtina.

Traditional dinner.


You should have worn:

Swimming bath
Very sport light wear (short trousers and t-shirt)
Sandals / sneakers for walking, strong and non-slippery
Sun glasses
A smile
You should take with you:

Sunlight protection cream
A pair of underneath
An extra pair of long trouser, t-shirt
Active Albania provides:

Professional guide
Kayaking equipment
Anti Mosquito spray
Waterproof bag
Light head

Day II- Hiking Mount Tomor 
In Albanian folklore, Mount Tomorr is anthropomorphized and associated with the legendary figure of Baba Tomor, envisioned as an old giant with a long flowing white beard and four female eagles hovering above him and perching on his snow-covered slopes. According to German folklorist Maximilian Lambertz, Baba Tomor is the remnant of an Illyrian deity.  Tomor Mountain’s varied geology and topography have resulted in a unique diversity of flora and fauna. Forests of the Tomorri National Park are composed of diverse specie of deciduous and coniferous trees and a great variety of flowers. Numerous species of large mammals such as wolves, foxes, wild boars, roe deers, wild goats, rabbits, golden eagles, owles, and sparrowhawks can be found inside the national park. Small mammals include forest dormouse, and wood mouse

General Trip Information

Level of difficulty (1-5) 3
Experience required
It is required previous hiking experience.
Duration of the tour
Full day (10 hours)
Departure early in the morning. SUV trip to the village of Qafe Dardhe  (about 1 hour) and meeting with the shepherd. A horse or mule will accompaign us during the firs 3 hours of hiking. They will help us to hold the backpacks.

5 hours hike with 10 minutes rest in every hour. After arriving at Cuka (Highest Tomor Peak 2417 m) we will do 1 hour rest and have the picnic lunch. 4 hours to hike down the holy Mountain.


Things You Should Bring on the Hike

Backpack. Recommended waterproof backpack;
Hiking stick;
Appropriate footwear. Hiking boots;
Rain gear and extra clothing. Because the weatherman is not always right. Dressing in layers allows you to adjust to changing weather and activity levels. Two rules: avoid cotton (it keeps moisture close to your skin) and always carry a hat. Do not forget rain jacket for hiking;
Sun cream and sun glasses;
BONUS: Trash Bag. This 7th piece of gear is essential to making sure that the trails you love stay beautiful for generations to come. A zip lock bag is a great option as well for keeping the trash you pick up along the trail separate from the rest of your gear.

Active Albania provides:

Professional guide
Transportation with SUV
First aid equipment
Anti Mosquito spray
Light head
Water bottle (1,5 l)
Picnic lunch
Kindly keep all your clothes and personal belongings in a backpack, which can be easily transported on SUV and on horse/mule.

Day III Vist the UNECSO city of Berat
Sighteeing of the castle of Berat and visit to the Cobo winery with local lunch. Departure to Tirana airport.



The accommodation is made in a historical guesthouse "bujtina". All rooms have air conditioning and wi-fi.

Not Included

The trip fare doesn’t include coffee and any kind of drink except water. You’ll have extra activities (optional tour) if you choose them, and you’ll probably feel like tipping your guides at the end of a fabulous trip, though you won’t need to pull out your wallet every few minutes on your Active Albania adventure tour!


We’re really flexible and none of our itineraries are written in stone, so if you have a particular interest you’d like to include or you need to leave a trip earlier or join later (at a pro-rated fare), just let us know and we can almost always make it happen. Likewise, all adventure travel requires a certain amount of flexibility and we sometimes have to make minor changes to the activities because of weather and availability, but we have plenty of options up our sleeve.

Optional Extras

Optional tours on day 1 (3-4 hours)

Bicycle in the south part of the Karavasta lagoon (25 Eur/pers)
Safari (SUV) into the lagoon (40 Eur/pers)

Dates & Prices

Price: 380 €

Available Dates
  • February 1, 2019 to November 30, 2019
E.g., 11/30/2020
Please choose the date of your tour from the allowed dates in the left.


Get In Touch


Active Albania offers pickup service from the airport and back after you finish your trip if preferred. Contact Us for more information.

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