Snowshoeing in the holy Mount of Tomor

Albania, with the collapse of the People's Socialist Republic of Albania in 1991, is the country of the hidden gems. A Mediterranean paradise, still visited less than neighbouring Greece and Italy. On the this snowshoeing trip we’ll discover an un tamed and rugged landscape, snow-capped Tomorri mountain, the world value of religion tolerance and a genuine subsistence hospitality. This is an epic experience for adventure traveler.

Tirana International Airport Mother Teresa, Tirana (TIA)


  • Snowshoeing of Tomor Mountain
  • Visit of Bektashi Tekke
  • Culture trip of UNESCO’s site Berat
  • Taste of local food

Optional tour

  • Kayaking and birdwatching in Karavasta lagoon
  • Berat Wine tasting

General Trip Information

Level of difficulty (1-5) 3
Experience required: It is required previous hiking experience.
Duration of the tour 2 days



Need To Know


Things You Should Bring on the Hike

  • Backpack. Recommended waterproof backpack;
  • Appropriate footwear. Snow waterproof hiking boots;
  • Snow gear and extra clothing. Because the weatherman is not always right.  Dressing in layers allows you to adjust to changing weather and activity levels. Two rules: avoid cotton (it keeps moisture close to your skin) and always carry a cap. Do not forget warm socks and a warm waterproof snow jacket and hiking trousers.
  • Sun cream and sun glasses;


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Day I

Discovering Berat

Meeting point –  Berat. We can come and pick you up in any hotel or guest house in Tirana upon request. The city of Berat in south-central Albania, is renowned for its historic architecture and scenic beauty.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Berat was one of the most important Albanian cities during the Ottoman era, and a major craft center specializing in wood carving. Today, it is one of the best preserved Ottoman cities in the Balkans. Traditional dinner and accommodation in an historic guesthouse.

Day II

Snowshoeing in Tomorr mountain

Early breakfast and departure 5 a:m. SUV trip to Bektashi Tekke (about 2 hours) and preparation for the snowshoeing. The snowshoeing experience will last about 5 hours,reaching the Tomorri Peak and coming back to the Tekke.
After the snowshoeing we will enjoy a local lunch and departure for Berat. If the time promises we highly recommend the wine tasting tour in Nurellary winery.

In Albanian folklore, Mount Tomorr is anthropomorphized and associated with the legendary figure of  Baba Tomor , envisioned as an old giant with a long flowing white beard and four female eagles hovering above him and perching on his snow-covered slopes. According to German folklorist  Maximilian Lambertz , Baba Tomor is the remnant of an Illyrian  deity. Nowadays is a pilgrimage destination for the Bektashi religion.

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