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Kayak, Snorkel and Food Tasting in Albania

Explore mysterious caves, snorkel in remote bays and kayak a national park in the untouche

Kayak, Snorkel and Hike Canyons in Albania

Explore mysterious caves, snorkel in remote bays and kayak an uncrowded lake. 6 days.

Grand Tour of Albania Europe’s Hidden Gem

In a Europe that’s been tamed and explored, with rules and order in every single corner –

Hiking the Albanian Accursed Mountains Valbona to Theth Pass

The Albanian Alps loop is one of our greatest experiences in Albania.

Hiking in the Shebenik Jabllanice National Park

(Tirana, Prrenjas, Librazhd, Elbasan) - Day tour. The Shebenik-Jabllanicë Mountains are a

Hiking and Yoga in the Cape of Rodon

If you’re looking for a serious adventurous escape from Tirana, you can’t get much better

Rana e Hedhun and Shengjin

Located only 3 kilometers from Shëngjin town, the Rana e Hedhun beach (Gheg dialect of Alb

Culture Trip and Wine Tasting in Berat

Join us on Berat’s culture trip and wine tasting retreat!

Summit of the holy Mount of Tomor

National Park of Tomor has been recognized as an Important Plant Area of international imp

Speed boat and Snorkeling in Karaburun Pennisula

Protected Waters and Mysterious Caves Explore the beautiful Karaburun peninsula by speedb


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