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Министерот Бледи Цучи ужива во рафтинг во реката Вјоса

“If you have not tried rafting, you probably do not know anything about adventure sports. And where better than on the Vjosa River and with Blerina Ago, the pioneer of adventure tourism in Albania and the region, who has recently undertaken a new venture to connect authentic nature and culture with physical activity With young people from the region countries who are getting trained from “Active Albania” to become river rafting guides, I had an amazing experience in the crystal waters of Vjosa in the middle of a wondereful nature. Përmeti and the whole Gjirokastër region are already an important tourist pole in Albania and an inevitable destination in the south of the country, where you can combine several activities together and spend more than a weekend. With adventure sports such as rafting, horseback riding or hiking and investments in agritourism, rural areas have a solid perspective for sustainable development.Vjosa is an extraordinary asset for Albania, a source of income for Përmet and local enterprises. Congratulations to Blerina and anyone else who invests in ventures that empower rural areas, preserve natural and cultural resources, and diversify the tourism product market.”

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