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Education & Training

AA’s expertise includes product development, promotion, online marketing, project management, business growth, strategic planning and human resource training in the tourism

Why choose us

Active Albania offers niche expertise.

We focus our strengths to do a dynamic job for a very distinct group of clients and needs. Active Albania engages a small high ended staff of senior-level consultants and draws tailor made solution. The result? A highly quick-moving, more coherent approach to giving you the services you need, when you need them.

Decades of collective experience.

Our associates and subject matter experts have decades of experience in strengthening local municipalities and tourism small businesses. They’ve served in a wide range of positions, from public to private sector.

Personal service from senior-level consultants.

You appreciate it when deadlines are met, phone calls are returned and your challenges are given in-depth, out-of-the-box thinking. While a large firm may assign your business to junior-level people, we’re small enough to offer very personal service from senior-level consultants.

Trainee Testimonial

Our experience related to the program: Training in Hospitality and Tour Leading and Adventure Elevate Europe

The lecturers at the seminars were fantastic, experienced people with a lot of knowledge and experience. We are very pleased with the way they explained the topic to us. They provided many examples and illustrations from various situations around the world. Practical examples were of great help to us, because we had an overview of good practice and bad practice, and in that way we easily and quickly understood where we make mistakes in our business. After very instructive lessons, we had enough time to talk about a given topic in which we talked about the specific problems we face and experienced lecturers had a detailed explanation for all our mistakes and doubts. We have learned the most about how to function after the appearance of the COVID 19. We learned what kind of treatment tourists expect after the new situation related to the Corona virus, how we should conduct marketing of our tours, how we should protect the participants of the tour and make them feel comfortable and safe.

All of the above mentioned helped a lot in our further work, so we immediately stood out on the market due to the acquired skills. We have adapted the text in which we promote our tours to the current epidemiological situation and managed to convince tourists that they are completely safe when they use the services of our agency. In the moments when we conduct tours, we practice the "New normal", so our tourists are amazed by the professionalism and care we take about them and their health. We mastered the “New normal” during the seminars “Training in Hospitality and Tour Leading and Adventure Elevate Europe”.

Due to our new way of working, and the acquaintances we gained thanks to these seminars in which we actively participated together as well as the skills acquired at the seminars, we gained partners from surrounding countries and we are currently in the process of designing joint tours that will unite the whole region (cross border tours).

We are very happy to have been a part of the Embrace Balkans Adventure project, and we hope that there will be more good and useful projects like this.


Active Albania provides a range of consulting services for the development, improvement and management of new tourist destinations, both for the private and public sector, which aim to deliver sustainable and safe tourism, according to the international standards.

Trainee Testimonial

My experience as part of the project “Embrace Balkans Adventure”

Having the chance to be part of Rafting course, it has been a life-changing experience, not just about the learnings related directly to the rafting but as an overall experience.

I had the chance to learn more about adventure tourism from two amazing instructors coming from a country where adventure tourism is a way of living. I learnt skills that are being absolutely helpful in my current endeavours in the company that I co-own, and in the kayaking club where I act as the president. I already organized a tour in Vjosa river there where I learnt a lot about the amazing activity of rafting, and together with some of the local guys we had a blast, and my clients were absolutely amazed.

All this experience has been an inspiration and motivation to jump on some new challenges to introduce new adventure tours and activities in my country Kosovo, such as introducing new disciplines of kayaking that fits to the rivers and lakes of our country, bike-rafting in the Lumbardhi river of Prizren and so on.

Tailor-made training

Training of 142 tourism professionals and 16 SMEs from WB to respond to COVID-19 challenges and to improve business performance.

Recent Tourism Interventions

1 Development of new tourism products with a small impact on the environment such as packrafting , kayaking, birdwatching , snorkeling.

2 Advise the University of Sports in Tirana to develop the training curricula and program for the certification of tourist rafting & hiking guides from the Ministry of Tourism.

3 Training of 142 tourism professionals and 16 SMEs from WB to respond to COVID-19 challenges and to improve business performance.

4 Developing and implementing a tourism Bootcamp for established tourism businesses to explore and develop new business ideas.

5 Creation of 3 digital tourism campaigns (2022) “ ”; Albania: Unparalleled, Exceptional and Authentic (2020) “ Stay Safe Now and Visit Albanians Later ”; (2019) “ Bli tatt av Albania

6 Support “ River Collective ” and “ EcoAlbania ” NGOs for the protection of natural ecosystems

7 Development of the first Virtual Tourism Show in Albania

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