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Sightseeing and walking tour in the Osumi Canyons

Whether you are staying in Berat for two or more days the visit in Osumi Canyons Skrapar i

Kayak, Snorkel and Hike Canyons in Albania

Explore mysterious caves, snorkel in remote bays and kayak an uncrowded lake. 6 days.

Snowshoeing in the holy Mount of Tomor

Albania, with the collapse of the People's Socialist Republic of Albania in 1991, is

4X4 Jeep Safari in the holy Mountain of Tomorr

Visit of the Bektashi Tekke and of the highest peak of the holy mountain

Rafting in the Osumi Canyons

If you've got a taste for adventure and you are curious about Albania rafting is A Mu

Grand Tour of Albania Europe’s Hidden Gem

In a Europe that’s been tamed and explored, with rules and order in every single corner –

Culture & Culinary Trip to Unesco Sites

If you’re a castle and ruins-aholic, then Albania’s UNESCO World Heritage sites are a drea

Culture Trip and Wine Tasting in Berat

Join us on Berat’s culture trip and wine tasting retreat!

Summit of the holy Mount of Tomor

Summit hike to Tomor offers up that big reward—a hard-won objective and a new perspective

River Hiking in the Osumi Canyons, Skrapar (on foot)

The canyon exploration and river hiking in the Osumi Canyons, monument of nature, lasts 2-

Mules Caravan Riding in the Mountain of Tomor

Visit one of Albania's most magnificent mountains and experience the blessings and ha

Hiking to Tomorr Mountain

Hiking in the Holy Mount of Tomor is an amazing experience.


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