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What makes our Albania adventures so special?

There’s a whole lot more to our Albania adventures than simply hitting the well-known spots. Below you’ll find the short of it and the long of it – either way, plenty of reasons to join Active Albania!

Locally produced food for lunch and dinner

Local hosts in the hotels you’ll stay at. These are family-run hotels, where the hosts really care – we put lots of time and research into these places!

We take care to show you places off the normal route, like Lengarica, where you can indulge in different activities like thermal baths and gliko (Albanian jam) tasting

Our legendary local guiding team has intricate knowledge of all flora, fauna, history, and geography. Together with our veteran trip leader Blerina, they’re an unbeatable match. So much can be lost in translation, so our well-trained (in the ‘Active way’) guides make sure the dynamic is always well balanced. It’s the engagement that matters!

The sprinkling of free days, where they matter. Such as in Berat, which is such a beautiful place and great location to relax, wander the streets and explore the wineries of the valley below

Walk in, walk out – you’ll never have to lug your gear around. When you get in, we’ll simply give you your room key and your stuff will be in your room

“Exciting” is probably the best single word to describe Albania. From north to south, Albania is the perfect meeting of the natural environment, history, culture, cuisine, and people at their most immaculate – they all come together to form the ultimate destination for an adventure vacation. That’s why we’ve actively pursued developing adventure tourism in the Osumi Canyons, Vjosa River, Prespa, Ulza and Shkopet lakes, Butrinti Laje, and the Albanian Riviera. Our adventures explore these regions diversely and authentically with expert local guides born in the area. On no other trip would you hike, cycle and paddle as you circumnavigate the Butrinti Lake, or paddle to quiet villages in the Korca District, or escape the crowds in a few secret areas of the Bovilla Lake in Tirana.

On an Active Albania trip, you’ll spend more time outdoors, in tiny mountain villages, and immersing yourself in spectacular areas, than sitting in a vehicle. It’s all up to you to get to the next incredible place under your own steam.

With so much to see and take in, we’ve made sure to take care of the logistical stuff, leaving you to hike, paddle, cycle and take in the hundreds of years of history, culture, and cuisine that makes the mountainous areas of Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo, and Montenegro.

Local knowledge makes a huge difference when looking at an adventure trip. With our local teams, contacts, and connections we get to explore a few places that fly under the radar. Sit atop a ridge in the remote Skrapar region near the Osumi Canyons, pull into a small cove while sea kayaking on lake Butrint, raft the magical Vjosa river while soaking in the culinary wonders of the region of Permet… It’s these experiences we’ve crafted with on-the-ground knowledge and expertise, ensuring you’ll go home having seen the real magic of the Balkans.

You’ll experience great hikes, rides, and paddling in small groups, meaning you’ll experience Albania and its neighboring countries in a genuine, relaxed, and active manner. We do some activities as a group, but there are always opportunities to get out and explore on your own.

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