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Best time to visit Albania

Best time to visit Albania

If you’re planning a trip for 2021 to the rugged and unspoiled Albania, finding out the best time to visit it is a must!

In a Europe that’s been tamed and explored, with rules and order around every corner, Albania is the last defender of the rugged.

A place where the mountains have no roads, the rivers flow wild, and the beaches are unspoiled by the concrete promenades of the West.

Where adventure isn’t guided by velvet ropes or Lonely Planet guides, but by each and every footfall and the fire inside your soul.

A place where your routine will melt under the midday sun, and where you’ll reinvigorate a zest for the undiscovered and experience the grit of nature beyond the confines of a map.

Febbruary to June and September to November are the vest months to visit Albania.

You’ll avoid the summer hit and bitter winter mountain cold.

These months are ideal for rafting, kayaking, hiking, cycling, snorkeling or just sightseeing the UNESCO protected sites, enjoying the authentic Albanian culture.

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