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5 mighty destinations of North Macedonia

* This article was made possible by the support of USAID, Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth Project.

North Macedonia has a lot to offer, but not everyone knows it has some hidden beauties that can be surprisingly enjoyable.

Here, we recommend 5 mighty destinations of North Macedonia. Visit them and have an amazing experience discovering a whole new perspective about this country.

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1.The eyes of Shar Mountain and Ljuboten peak

A great idea for people who love hiking, is to start from Gostivar and make a productive hike to the Ljuboten peak. The mountain peak Ljuboten is a typical limestone peak with significant limestone screes and stony sites, which provide for the development of specific vegetation. Throught the forest you will get to the Ljuboten hut. Continuing sharply uphill, you will stop at the saddle on the top or the so called “Ljubotenska Shija”.

On the way to get there and at the top you will experience the best panoramic views of River Vratnichka Falls and Ljuboten peak, Pollog valley, ridge of Shar Mountain with Lake Livadichko and Sirinichka area in Kosovo (Brezovica and Shtrpce).

Worth it!

The eyes of Shar mointain
The eyes of Shar mointain

2.Pesti caves, adventure and breathtaking beauty

If you find yourself in Veles, ask about the Pesti caves and go visit!
In the rocky part of Pesti there are about 80 caves and five cave churches, which makes this area unique.

This natural rarity is 2.5 km from the confluence of the river Babuna in Vardar, with shape in form of a funnel. It is located in the protected area of ​​the Babuna River.
The characteristic of these caves is that there are several churches, which is a rarity. There are five cave churches in the locality Pesti. The largest is the Markova Church – St. Nicholas.
Everyone who saw this rare beauty consider it breathtaking!

Pesti caves
Pesti caves

3.The Bogomils and Babuna Waterfall – find out about the stories hidden behind them

Babuns, Bogomils… the most interesting figures of the medieval past, typical for the Azot area, located in the center of the country, known for Solunska Glava and the natural beauties.
The village Bogomila is located in the central part of the country, in the municipality of Chaska. Its full of stories and believes that are interesting to be heard.
When you go to the village, your next destination should be the Babuna Waterfall. The road to the Babuna River springs leads from the Nezhilovo village. When you get to the heart of Mokra Mountain, you will see huge oak trees that offer pleasant shades, and the daunting view to Nezhilovi Steni (Rocks).

The most beautiful moment is at about hundred meters under the springs.

A trip to remember!

Bogomila Waterfall

4.Canyon Matka and Vrelo Cave

Only 15km away from Skopje, Canyon Matka is a must for every adventurer. The Canyon itself offers many outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking along the gorge walls or even exploring some nearby medieval churches. It is a home of many explored and unexplored caves, of which the most popular and the only one open to the public is the Vrelo Cave. The Cave was listed as one of the top 77 natural sites
in the world in the New7Wonders of Nature project, and according to the speleologists’ assessments, the depth of its underwater portion is 330m, which can easily make it the deepest underwater cave in the world.

Highly recommended!

Vrelo cave

5.Trpejca – The Macedonian Saint-Tropez

Last but not least, we recommend you to visit Trpejca village, village at the foot of the Galičica Mountain and along the shore of the Lake Ohrid. It is a great place for a warm and quiet vacation and has the most beautiful beaches with crystal clear blue water. This fishing village has charmed every tourist that has been there!

A trip with best Instagram photos!


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