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7 mind blowing hikes in North Macedonia

* This article was made possible by the support of USAID, Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth Project.

North Macedonia is famous for being rich with nature, mountains and peaks, so hiking would be a great choice for some adventurous touristic experience.

Here, we will suggest you some mind blowing hikes in this country, for which you can find more info at https://wheninx.com/.

1. Hiking in Shara

This hike starts from the village of Bozovce, the last one in the line of mountain villages in Shara, is at a 22-kilometre distance from the centre of Tetovo. One of the most impressive and wildest landscapes is located within a few kilometres walk from the village. After hiking for about 8 km, you will arrive at Shar Planina, Dolna Leshnica at an altitude of 1,490 metres.

The three peaks Plat, Sreden Kamen and Krivoshinski Vrv will take your breath away. It is as if Shar Planina has truly cracked. This is the best place to take some photographs and relish the scenery. In the place called Dolna Leshnica, there are ruins of a mountain lodge that is waiting for better times to be renovated and put into function again. On the other side, the forest that was affected by the great avalanche from a few years ago is still being regenerated. That is one of the many scenes bearing witness to the tremendous force of nature.

Definitely mind-blowing!


2. Mavrovo hiking experience

Starting from the National Park Mavrovo the hiking is to highest Macedonian peak – Korab, exploring the natural wilderness of the National Park and spending the night by the lake of Mavrovo. In the morning, visiting the famous picturesque village of Galicnik and continuing with hike through the slopes of mount Bistra to peak Medenica (2.250 m.asl).

Korab is always a must!

Mavrovo Hiking

3. Traditional Hiking on Solunska Glava

The tour starts at Monastery St. Gorgi (1100 asl), exits on the round about Kurtovitsa-Plavnik-Gorna Babina Dupka-Solunska Glava (2540).

Solunska Glava (2540m) is one of the highest peaks in Macedonia. It is highest peak of several massifs in the central part of the country, south of capital Skopje. These three massifs are Dautica (2178m), S of Solunska Glava, Karadjica (2472m), on the NW and Jakupica (2112m), on the SE. Between Jakupica and Dautica is Babuna river valley. One might say that Solunska Glava is highest peak of all three crests because there isn’t distinctive border between them and they touch at Solunska Glava. Among themselves these 3 massifs have many peaks above 2000m.

The beauty of the view and the nature – totally worth it!

Solunska Glava

4. Snow shoeing tour to the peak Ljuboten

One of the most popular one-day snow shoeing tours in Macedonia which is “a must”. Depends on the snow condition, snow shoeing usually begins one kilometer above Staro Selo, then passing by the mountain hut Ljuboten and climbing the top by the northeast ridge.

A typical site on this pathway is the mountain hut “Ljuboten”. This facility is the oldest mountain building, which was built in 1931 as the first mountain hut in Macedonia. According to its position, architecture and ambiance, this building is a historic monument of mountaineering in Macedonia.


5. Winter Hiking on Breza

This hike would start from the village of Drenovo (Veles). The path is circular. It goes 5 km (1.5 hours) through the forest to the Viljak, then the trail enters a forest and goes through a forest about 2 km, then reaches the top of Breza. Here, you can visit the abandoned mountain lodge about a 30-minute walk from the top.

After climbing to the top, the movement continues on an attractive ridge with a steady and beautiful view of the Mokra and the Solunska Glava. The tour ends in the village of Drenovo.


6. Winter Hiking at the top of Dautica

The hike starts from perhaps one of the most beautiful villages in Macedonia, Papradishte, thence through Kurtovica 1680 asl to Dautica peak.

The top has a beautiful strategic view. On the right is the top of Solunska Glava, on the opposite side is the Porece with Krushevo and Makedonski Brod, Pelagonija with the chimneys of REK Bitola, part of the Markovi Kuli in Prilep, behind the lake Kozjak in the Skopje region.

And doing this on the snow is an amazing experience!

Winter Hiking at the top of Dautica

7. Hike and wine tour

Last but not least – the hike and wine tour!

Depart on foot from Veles and go through the monastery of St. George in the village S’lp (12 km from Veles), at the foot of the mountain of Velesnica, and then through the suspension bridge over Vardar, which continues to the village of Sopot, 13 km away. 

From the winery we recommend walking along the ravine of the Vardar River to Bashino Selo (2 km from Veles) and ending up in the village cooperative as an alternative (or additional) measure in addition to the mandatory stay in the most picturesque wineries in Macedonia, located in the heart of the Veles wine region.

Hike and Wine


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