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Grand Tour of Albania Europe’s Hidden Gem - 15 Days

Packrafting / Hiking / Snorkeling / Wine tasting / UNESCO Culture Site visits / Bunker Visit / Rafting

Grand Tour of Albania Europe’s Hidden Gem

Discover the adventurous, mysterious, un-tamed, Albania in this two-week vacation.

Sunny 128


15 Days

Group of people


Up to 14 people



Hotel / Camping / Guest House

Location W


Tirana International Airport

Season W






Previous hiking experience required.



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Location/Region highlights

The region is a diverse landscape of rugged hills, high cliffs, and endless, rolling agricultural land. The Mediterranean climate is perfect for growing grapes and other fruits. It's the ideal place to get off the beaten path and have a unique Balkans experience.

Essential Info

Visas :Albania & North Macedonia
No visa required for most nationalities, including UK passport holders, most other EU nationalities, US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand.
Vaccinations: Albania and North Macedonia
There are no specific health risks.

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Expert, friendly, English-speaking guides.

Hotel and Guesthouse.

Natural, fresh food.

Transportation with SUV, minivan

Everything you need for pack rafting and hiking is provided.

Food in our region is very diverse and greatly influenced by its neighboring countries. It is hearty and healthy, usually based around meat and vegetables, seasonal, and sourced locally. Popular dishes include turkey, lamb, or goat Pershesh, served with a local bread known as Kulac, a meat and leek pie made with a thin pastry called Byrek, Musaka, Ajvar, and freshly caught fish served in a Mediterranean style. Fish dishes are often flavored with white vinegar. Many dishes are served with wine from one of the local vineyards.

hotel tradita geg tosk

Shkoder, Albania
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hani kol gjoni

Guesthouse Kol Gjoni
Valbone, Albania
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molla guest house

Molla Guest House
Theth, Albania
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Mrizi i Zanave Agroturizem
Lezhe, Albania
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Bujtina Kodiket

Bujtina Kodiket
Berat, Albania
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Bujtina Kodiket
DAY 5 & 6

Bujtina Kodiket
Berat, Albania
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hotel bologna

Hotel Bologna
Vlore, Albania
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Saranda Port Albania

3 Star hotel
Saranda, Albania
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permet Albania

Permet, Albania
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permet Albania
DAY 10

Hotel 3*
Permet, Albania
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korce albania
DAY 11 & 12

Korça, Albania
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DAY 13 & 14 & 15

Tirana, Albania
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Shiroka Village

DAY 1 - Pack rafting Shkodra lake

Arrival in Tirana airport. Meeting with the local guide. Departure to Shkodra. Local fish lake lunch in Shiroke village and 2 hours of pack rafting in Shkodra lake. Arrival in Shkodra and accommodation in the hotel. During the afternoon we will visit the Promenade of Shkodra and enjoy a traditional dinner.
Valbona village
Xhema lake

DAY 2 - Exploring the spectacular Koman fjords

Ferry Ride | Fjerze Village | Valbona village | Hiking

Early Breakfast (6:00-7:00). Leaving to Koman. A spectacular ferry ride into the Albanian Fjords. Arrival at village Fjerze at 12:00. Drive to Valbona village and local lunch. Accommodation in a guest house or camping. Hiking in beautiful Valbona Valley to Xhema Lake, Old Milling. Typical dinner.

Accursed Mountains

DAY 3 - Hiking the Accursed Mountains

Albanian Alps | Camping in Theth | Grunas waterfall

Early Breakfast (5:30 – 6:30). Drive with a local minibus to Rragam village. There we get ready for the hike into the Albanian Alps. The pass is about 8 hours. The hike is long and sometimes tough, but anyone that’s reasonably fit can do it. Accommodation in a guesthouse or camping in Theth. Local lunch. Walking to Grunas waterfall, visit the Saint John’s Church and the Isolation Tower.

Blu Eye
Qafe Thore

DAY 4 - Exploring Theth National Park

Blue Eye of Theth | Qafe Thore | Dinner in Boge

Breakfast (07.30-08.30) and departure with local minivan to Nderlyse. Visit of the stones basins and of the Blue Eye of Theth. Local picnic lunch. Back to Theth in the afternoon and departure to Lezha. Short stop in Qafe Thore. Dinner in Boge. Arrival in Lezha late in the evening and accommodation in the hotel.
Onufri Museum
Berat Castle

DAY 5 - Emerging into the magnificent Berat

Durres | Onufri Museum | Berat Castle

The first destination is the city of Durrës founded in 627 B.C. as was one of the most important Greek City States and later Roman centre. The most notable tourist attraction in Durrës is the amphitheatre of the Roman Emperor Hadrian with 15,000 seats, the second biggest amphitheatre in the Balkans. After a visit to the amphitheatre and the archaeological museum, we will travel towards another UNESCO site. The town of Berat is well known for its unique ottoman style houses built around two hills facing each other with the castle on top and the river in between. We will visit the Onufri Museum, Berat Castle and the historical quarters of the city. Traditional dinner. Overnight in Berat in a guestohouse.

Osumi Canyons
Osumi Kanyon Rafting

DAY 6 - Adventure in the Osumi Canyons

Osumi Canyons in Skrapar

This day will be dedicated to an unique natural monument. We will head towards the famous Osumi Canyons in Skrapar for an unforgettable sightseeing trip. We will hike along the canyon and if there are the weather conditions enjoy some swimmin. Local lunch in Skrapar and wine tasting in a local winery on the way to Berat. Overnight in a guest house in Berat.
Karaburun Peninsula

DAY 7 - Speed boat and Snorkeling

Ancient town of Apollonia | Karaburun Penisula

We will resume the tour after breakfast towards Vlora and stop to visit the ancient town of Apollonia which was one of the most important cities in the Balkans where the Roman Emperor Augustus was educated. Than we will leave to Vlora, a beautiful coastal city which hosted the first Independent Albanian government, where we will have a fish based lunch. We will visit Karaburun Penisula with a speedboat and snorkel in the pristine beaches. Free dinner and accommodation in Vlora (3* Hotel).

Monastery of Zvernec

DAY 8 - Sunset kayaking in Butrint theatre

Monastery of Zvernec | Kayak the UNESCO’s heritage site Butrint

The first destination to explore is the Monastery of Zvernec which is situated in a beautiful natural small peninsula in Narta lagoon. Birdwatching in one of the most important sites in the country due to its amazing biodiversity. Then we will enjoy a beautiful drive through the Albanian Riviera towards Saranda. On the way we will have a local lunch. Very close to Saranda we will explore with kayak the UNESCO’s heritage site Butrint, Albania’s top archaeological attraction. After the visit to Butrint we will have dinner in Saranda and spend the night in the city. (Hotel 3*)

Blue Eye

DAY 9 - Walking in the city of stones Gjirokastra (UNESCO)

Blue Eye | UNESCO’s town of Gjirokastra

After breakfast we will head towards a spectacular natural monument called the Blue Eye which is an underground spring that creates a very distinct shape resembling a beautiful human eye. From there we will head for UNESCO’s town of Gjirokastra where we will visit the fortress, ethnographic museum which is also the childhood home of Albania’s infamous communist dictator Enver Hoxha. Overnight in Permet

Thermal Bath
Lengarica Kanyon
Lengarica Kanyon

DAY 10 - Canyon exploration of Lengarica and thermal sprints

Thermal Bath | Canyon of Lengarica/Rafting

We will head to Përmet and depending on the time of the year we will go rafting in the Vjosa River which is Europe’s last wild river. We will also make a visit to the natural thermal baths of the Lengarica Canyon (Vjosa River) and enjoy a great organic meal in one of the local business. Overnight in Përmet. (Hotel 3*)


DAY 11 - Exploring the Albanian rural life

Visit Korca | Erseka

The day will start with our trip to Korça and several stops on the way to enjoy the beautiful natural sceneries. Lunch will be served in a local agro-tourism farm in Erseka. We will use the rest of the day to visit Korça, its impressive city center, traditional market and cathedral.

Prespa Lake
Church of Holy Mary

DAY 12 - Kayaking in the protected lake of Prespa

Prespa Lake | Church of Holy Mary

After breakfast we will drive to Prespa Lake and take inflatable kayaks to reach the beautiful island of Maligradwhich hosts the Church of Holy Mary. After a quick walk within the island we will get the kayaks to get back to Korça and enjoy a traditional dinner with traditional music (serenades). Overnight in a guesthouse in Korça.

Medieval Museum of Arts
Drilon, Pogradec

DAY 13 - Sightseeing of the natural park of Drilon

Medieval Museum of Arts | Pogradec | Drilon

The day will start with a visit of the Medieval Museum of Arts, the Mirahori Mosque which is one of the oldest in Albania and the Mbroje Church (14th century). We will continue to Pogradec and lake Ohrid. We will make a visit to the national park of Drilon and the beautiful villa where the dictator would spend his fishing holidays and have a local lunch. On our way back we will visit the castle of Elbasan and continue to Tirana for an overnight stay. Dinner in Tirana in a guesthouse.

Ethem bey Moschue
Bunk Art

DAY 14 - Exploring the vibrant city of Tirana

Visit of Tirana city | Ethem Bey Mosque | BUNK'ART 2

Breakfast. Visit of Tirana city. 20 years ago Albania’s capital used to regularly top the list of Europe’s underdeveloped cities. Decades of Stalinist rule left Tirana grey and grim, lacking in both infrastructure and services. The collapse of communism in 1992 required rapid changes for the City.
Considered one of the safest cities in Europe you will be able to spot remnants of its past and traces of the fast changes that it has gone through. We will visit the main sites like the Ethem Bey Mosque, clock tower, Scanderbeg Square, Orthodox Church and the BUNK’ART 2. BUNK’ART 2 is the first major video museum exhibition dedicated to the victims of communist terror. Traditional lunch.
Optional hiking and exploration of Pellumbas Cave or free evening to the vibrant capital of Tirana. Free dinner.


Breakfast and time to say goodbye. Departure to the airport.