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Horseback Riding – everything you need to know

Active Albania offer summer horseback riding in small groups for groups of 5-14 riders. We are committed to giving horse ride the freedom to ride a controlled, responsive horse.

When you arrive, a guide will help you get on the horse and give you a short instruction on how to ride the horse before you leave. We open our doors to people who understand what a horse feels like, who appreciate being heard and respected, and who enjoy riding.
There is something magical about jumping on a horse and flying over a field, up a hill or jumping over an obstacle along the way.   

Is suitable  horseback riding for kids?

Our horseback riding  is suitable for children aged 6 and over, and our weight limit for riding a horse is 300 pounds.

Horseback Riding Adventure in Albania
Horseback Riding Adventure in Albania

Hiking in Albanian Alps

what to wear horseback riding? Safety Equipments.


Riding helmets reduce the risk of serious head and brain injury by limiting the impact of a collision on the head. At the same time as absorbing the impact, riding helmets are also designed to reduce the risk of penetration by a sharp object. They have a hard outer shell that protects the head from sharp objects.

Horseback Riding Helmet
Horseback Riding Helmet


They go by many different names: breeches, jodhpurs, riding tights, riding jeans… but all of these terms refer to pants that have no seams along the inside of your leg and (typically) have patches of grippy material on the inside of the knee, at least. Riding pants for any discipline will keep you comfortable and secure in the saddle, so beginners do not need to worry much about specific styles. Once you become more skilled, you’ll likely want to invest in discipline-specific pants (e.g. breeches for jumping and dressage, jodhpurs for saddle seat, jeans for reining).

horseback riding pants
Horseback riding Pants


Also called paddock boots in English disciplines (and plain ‘ol’ “boots” in western disciplines), ankle boots with good tread and a 1-inch heel are a great choice when you’re just starting out. Cowboy boots are also a solid option, as long as they aren’t so fancy you mind getting muck and mud on them. They should also be comfortable and have at least a 1″ heel.The heel prevents your foot from slipping through the stirrup, which could create an unsafe scenario if you became unbalanced and fell off. You can also wear tall leather boots for English riding if you prefer.

horseback riding boots
Horseback Riding Boots


Holding leather or rubber reins can be uncomfortable at first, especially if the reins are new and have not become soft and supple yet. Also, your hands can sweat and make the reins slick, affecting your ability to keep a safe grip. Gloves solve these problems. Riding gloves conform smoothly to your hands and fingers while having sticky material on the palm side. The key is to find gloves that fit you properly and are no so bulky or stiff that they actually make holding your reins harder.

Horseback Riding Gloves

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