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Top 5 reasons why visit Montenegro

* This article was made possible by the support of USAID, Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth Project in collaboration with our partner from Montenegro MASTER TRAVEL Agency.

Capital: Podgorica
Population: 625,000
Area: 13,812 km2
Currency: Euro
Length of the coast: 293 km
Beaches: 72 km
Peaks above 2000 m: Over 150
Highest Peak: 2,525 m
Climate: Mediterranean, continental

The most visited festivals are:
Fascinada. Perast, July.
Bokeljska Noc. Kotor, August.
Sea Dance Festival. Budva, August.
Montenegro Film Festival. Herceg Novi, August.
Lake Fest. Lake Krupac, August.
Southern Soul. Ulcinj Copacabana Beach, June.
Mimosa Festival. Herceg Novi, March.
Blu European Festival – Fish Fest. Herceg Novi, February

1.Crystal clear sea and amazing beaches
Imagine a beach you would like to enjoy on and know that it is quite certain that such a beach exists in Montenegro. The rugged coast selflessly provides pleasures for lovers of all types of bathing tourism. Rocky beaches are often hidden, and many can be reached only by boat, sailboat or scooter, enjoying the peace and privacy on this kind of beaches is guaranteed. Sandy beaches are ideal for family vacations, as well as for everyone staying in hotels and popular tourist centers. One of the sandy beaches is the beach Bečići, which received great recognition in 1935. It has been awarded for the most beautiful beach in Europe and the Grand Prize of Paris. After 30 years, it was also awarded the Golden Palm, as the most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean. Also prominent is the Great Ulcinj beach, 12 km long, which ends at the confluence of the river Bojana into the Adriatic Sea as well as a popular nudist resort. On the other side of the Montenegrin coast, the sea floods the surrounding mountains. Forever bound in the beauty of the Bay of Kotor, the cliffs and the sea, take the breath away of anyone who has had the opportunity to enjoy this symbiosis of perfection. Islands, peninsulas, luxury marinas, bays, diversity and size of beaches, the confluence of the river Bojana into the sea, the Bay of Kotor, make Montenegro an ideal coastal destination, adequate for all water sports or simply for enjoying all the senses.
Sveti Stefan Beach
Sveti Stefan Beach
Lucice Beach
Lucice Beach
2.Provides opportunities for many activities
Given that Montenegro is not just a predominantly coastal or predominantly mountainous destination, its diversity provides many opportunities for various types of activities, and one thing is guaranteed – in Montenegro you can not be bored. Driving along the edge of mountain peaks, next to hidden lakes, deep canyons, through rainforests, then trekking, swimming, diving, rafting, cycling, horseback riding, picking plants and mushrooms or simply bird watching and long walks in untouched nature, are just some of the ways to spend time in Montenegro. Canyoning, cruising, jeep safari, quad safari, sport fishing, sailing, kitesurfing, and during the winter, in one of the three ski centers you can enjoy winter sports. Travel agencies in Montenegro offer a large number of one-day and multi-day tours.
Tara Canyon Rafting
Tara Canyon Rafting
Jeep Safari Montenegro
Jeep Safari Montenegro
3.A meeting point of the East and the West
Montenegro is located in a favorable geographical location and it is reached very quickly from the largest European emitting markets, there are good transport connections, so the trip to Montenegro will not be hard and long: Rome 1hr 20 min, Vienna 1hr 35 min, Istanbul 1hr 45 min, Zurich 2hr, Frankfurt 2hr 10 min, Paris 2hr 40 min, London 2hr 50 min, Moscow 3hr 10 min, Belgrade 45 min. It is also an ideal destination for all those who want to get to know the whole Balkans because Montenegro is a great starting point since it is located in the center of the Balkans, so if you want to visit any country in the region, you will do it easiest and fastest if you are in Montenegro.
4.Very suitable for organizing all kinds of events
Whether it is a private or business event, Montenegro offers a handful of opportunities at much better prices compared to the rest of Europe. When it comes to business events: meetings, conferences, incentive and team building trips, the offer of hotels with adequate conference facilities is constantly increasing. Incentive and team building trips are carefully designed, and given the natural and cultural diversity that Montenegro possesses, the trips are at least fabulous and unique. When we talk about private events, weddings and various types of celebrations, it is enough to inform that some of the most successful people in the world, such as tennis player Novak Djokovic, have chosen Montenegro as a destination where they will organize their most special day in life.
5.Pleasant and friendly people – great entertainment
There are some people who look forward to you in advance, with an open heart, with a big smile awaiting your arrival. In Montenegro, haste is a little-known term, while Montenegrins are generally known as people who love life, jokes, and enjoyment. Waves of positive energy, friendliness, pleasant conversation and all the explanations or help you need, you are going to find in any city you stay in. Great entertainment and vibrant nightlife are highly valued in Montenegro, so especially in the coastal part, night and day parties are unforgettable. Beach bars, cafes and discos are usually full of excited people, especially in the capital of Montenegrin tourism, Budva, which is generally known for the best nightlife in Montenegro. People are very peaceful, so we often use the saying here “You can sleep freely on the bench, nothing will happen to you nor will you miss anything from your property”. Throughout the year, a large number of festivals, masquerades and various events celebrating Montenegrin cuisine are organized. Local handicrafts, tradition, a lot of dancing awaits you if you choose to visit Montenegro during the festival days.

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