North Macedonia has a lot to offer, but not everyone knows it has some hidden beauties that can be surprisingly enjoyable.

5 mighty destinations of North Macedonia

The eyes of Shar Mountain and Ljuboten peak A great idea for people who love hiking, is to start from Gostivar and make a productive hike to the Ljuboten peak.

Pesti caves, adventure and breathtaking beauty If you find yourself in Veles, ask about the Pesti caves and go visit! In the rocky part of Pesti there are about 80 caves and five cave churches, which makes this area unique.


The Bogomils and Babuna Waterfall The most interesting figures of the medieval past, typical for the Azot area, located in the center of the country, known for Solunska Glava and the natural beauties.

Canyon Matka and Vrelo Cave

Communication with these creatures through the photography has inspired me, because they have a very interesting life.

Trpejca – The Macedonian Saint-Tropez

Last but not least, we recommend you to visit Trpejca village, village at the foot of the Galičica Mountain and along the shore of the Lake Ohrid.