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Privacy Policy

“ActiveAlbania Tour Operator” informs you that in order to provide you with a better service and quick response to your requirements, the on-line platform on our web pages requires that customers or users provide some personal information in the form of the online application to proceed with the online booking.

“ActiveAlbania Tour Operator” has the official web site www.activealbania.com. Through this site, the company comes to the aid of interested customers for tourist packages or any kind of travel service.

Your data is collected, processed and stored by Active Albania in full compliance with the provisions of law no. 9887, dated 10.03.2008 “On the Protection of Personal Data”. These actions will be conducted on the principle of respecting and guaranteeing the fundamental human rights and freedoms and in particular the right to privacy.

Giving your personal information is not mandatory, but it is a necessary condition to proceed with your online reservation.

Based on Law no. 9887, dated 10.03.2008 “On the Protection of Personal Data in the Republic of Albania”, “Active Albania Tour Operator” states as follows:

1. Definition of terms

In this agreement, the following terms will have this meaning:

1.1. Tour Operator: Registered as a legal person who carries out the activity of providing and enabling tourist packages for clients, in return for payment (abbreviation TO).

1.2. Cookie: A piece of information sent from a website and stored in the user browser while the user sees the website. Each time a user opens a website, the browser sends a cookie to the user server to alert him of his previous activity.

2. Using cookies

2.1. The websites belonging to the tour operator use cookies to distinguish site visitors from each other. Some cookies are necessary for the good functioning of the tour operator’s web pages, to allow site users to make online bookings and to enable agency staff to receive and process client requests. For system visitors, the system collects standard information for statistical purposes (For example: To see which is the number of visitors, always without making them identifiable).

2.2. Some other cookie types help the TO staff provide a good experience for customers when they visit the website. Cookies also provide information on TO offers.

2.3. Cookies are also used to advertise on the agency’s website.

3. Declaration of Privilege

3.1. “Active Albania Tour Operator” respects the importance of the privacy of its customers. This statement defines the basis on which each client’s data is collected and processed. “Active Albania     TO” affirms every customer that the data that arrives at the back office or that the client personally signs in the office are secured via a secure system and these data are only used to guarantee the reservation of the customer. These data are administered by certain persons and limited access to them. Any sales agent of the company that collects data on customers has a contractual obligation with the company to respect the personal data it collects during its work and respects some well-defined rules for the protection of personal data.

3.2. The following customer information is collected from the website:

a) Information provided by the customer in order to carry out the tourist package reservation;

b) Details of bank transfers that the customer performs to complete a reservation;

ç) If the customer contacts the TO staff, the staff can store the e-mail address.

“Active Albania Tour Operator” uses contemporary technology to protect the security and confidentiality of customer data, and to prevent unauthorised access to the electronic system by unauthorised persons. Our security procedures are constantly being upgraded with new technologies. The space where servers and other devices are stored, are monitored with camera and can only be accessed by the Administrator and the Director of Information Technology.

4. Preservation and transfer of data

4.1. Data collected by the TO for book-keeping purposes and voluntarily left by the data subject may be transferred or stored in a country outside the European Economic Area.

4.2. All data collected by the TO will be stored on the secure servers of “ActiveAlbania Tour Operator”.

4.3. The data collected by the TO can be used to inform clients about the agency’s various offers.

5. Cancellation of data processing

The client has the right to request from the TO to be familiar with the information he may have collected for him and then not process personal data for marketing purposes or various reasons by e-mail or a request addressed to the company at the contact address .

6. Succeeding the protection of personal data

By continuing to use the “ActiveAlbania Tour Operator” website, the client gives his consent to the collection and processing of the data by the agency. Personal data will be stored for as long as is necessary according to the main purpose of their collection. Data retention periods will be fully in line with the applicable legal framework. Customer data is kept as far as is necessary to guarantee service delivery. If you have questions, remarks, requests or complaints regarding the use of these data by “ActiveAlbania Tour Operator”, then please contact us in writing at the following address:

Person Responsible for Private Entrance: “ActiveAlbania Tour Operator”, Pallati i Kultures, Kat II, Sheshi Skenderbe, Tirane, Albania or at our e-mail address: info@activealbania.com.

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